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Introducing Alpine Mini Huskies MD

A Reputable Dog Breeder


About Alpine Mini Huskies MD

An Honest Dog Breeder

Alpine Mini Huskies MD is a reputable dog breeder in Central Massachusetts.  We breed Kolu Huskies and Pomskies.  Kolu Huskies are a mix of Northern breed dogs including the Siberian Husky.  These pups are more laid back than their Siberian ancestors and do not have the same energy level to satisfy.  These dogs make great house pets for the home owner and apartment renter alike.  ​ Our parents are pets in our home and the pups grow up right in the house.  They are handled and socialized from birth.  We have been breeding Kolu Huskies and Pomskies for the last 5 years and were breeders of Chihuahuas and Jack Russell Terriers in the past. 


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197 Mountain St W, Worcester, MA 01606, USA


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